Are you looking to completely upgrade your current electrical service
or are you planning to build a new home or cottage?

The team at Morrow Electric has the expertise to get the job done correctly. All of our electricians are skilled and experienced in wiring new homes, cottages, boathouses, and anywhere else you have the need for electric power.

We pride ourselves in effective and professional renovations and alterations and commonly perform new service installations ranging from 100amp to 800amp in single-phase and three-phase.

Home & Cottage Electrical Services

Island Services

Our dedicated fleet of boats enables us to meet any of your island home or cottage needs. We are skilled in dealing with the unique obstacles that may be encountered when working on an island residence.

Complete Heating Systems

We regularly install complete heating systems including electric baseboard solutions by Chromalox. Alternatively, we commonly recommend and install the ultra-modern heating systems by Convect Air.

Indoor Lighting

Along with a wide range of lighting options, we are always open to new ideas! Our team commonly performs interior and exterior lighting renovations and upgrades, including pot lighting, track lighting, halo lighting, and new kitchen recessed 'Zee' lighting.

Outdoor Lighting

We provide a full range of outdoor path, garden and tree lighting solutions. We are also experienced in installing 'dark sky' or 'low light pollution' outdoor lighting systems for your home and property.

Home Appliances & Multimedia Systems

When wiring a home, we make sure that your electrical installation is adequate for all home appliances and any possible future additions. We are skilled in telephone interior wiring, cable TV wiring, and the wiring of computers and CAT5.

Contact us if you have any questions or to ask for a quote!