We are Muskoka’s factory-authorized dealer for Generac. In the last few years we have installed hundreds of generators in all shapes and sizes, ranging from 7kW to 200kW, in single-phase and three-phase output. We guarantee unmatched service and professional installation for every sale. Propane, diesel and natural gas models are all available.

  • Generators have many different applications. During catastrophic weather events (extreme cold, ice storms, wind storms, lightning storms) or during power blackouts, a generator will easily keep your home running 24/7. Generators can guarantee comfort and piece of mind for your family, and at times can even save lives. Running your home off a generator during a power outage enables you to keep your freezer cold, your water running, and your family warm and safe.
  • Generators enable remote cottages and homes to plug in that otherwise would not be able to. Portable units are commonly used to power up everything from job sites or camp sites to kids camps and hunt camps.
  • Generators will allow you to run your electric tools and gadgets (computers, stereos, etc.) wherever your extension cord will not reach. The number of applications for generators are virtually endless.

We offer Complete Installation Packages

Morrow Electric can meet all your generator needs. We will meet with you to help choose the ideal generator based on your unique situation. Our team is factory trained and has many years of experience installing, maintaining and, if need be, repairing generators.

As our customer you can feel comfortable knowing that if a problem arises we are easy to contact and always quick to respond. We truly pride ourselves in quality generator installations.

If you have any questions concerning generators, do not hesitate to contact us for recommendations or estimates.

Complete demonstrations are also available! Contact us for Info.